Memphis Zoo Exhibits

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Memphis Zoo is a beautiful zoo located in Midtown Memphis, in Tennessee, United States. This zoo homes no less than 3500 animals, representing over 500 species. Memphis Zoo first opened in 1906 on an area of more than 76 acres, becoming an important attraction in this part of Tennessee. There are so many beautiful spots to visit within this zoo that there is no wonder so many people decide to include it into their route. Below you will find a list of the most important exhibit areas located within this charming zoo.

1. East Zone

There are numerous great exhibits located within the East Zone. They are all presented below.

  • Teton Trek is a 4 acre exhibit area which actually first opened in October 2009. Teton Trek is home to numerous impressive species, including grizzly bears, elk, gray wolves, trumpeter swans and sandhill cranes.
  • Northwest Passage first opened in 2006. This is quite an impressive exhibit area, housing a wide range of polar bears. It offers visitors the possibility to see underwater buildings, sea lions and also to attend daily sea lion shows in a charming amphitheater. In this part of Memphis Zoo, visitors will also be able to see species such as American bald eagles, black bears, and white-necked ravens.
  • African Veldt homes African elephants, as well as giraffe and zebras, white rhinoceros and African cranes.
  • Crocodile Cove features a deep pool and numerous species of reptiles.
  • World of Waterfowl features two wooden bridges that take visitors through a charming wetland. The venue is home to more than 30 Chilean Flamingos.
  • Birds and Bees is an exhibit area which first opened in May 2009. Inside this area visitors will be able to learn about the role that bees have in agriculture. The area also features more than 500 budgies, colorful birds and numerous species. Visitors can feed the birds exhibited here.


2. Central Zone

  • China is an exhibit area which first opened in April 2003. It features a great exhibit of giant pandas. Other species here include the Asian small-clawed otter, Pere David’s dear and the white-cheeked gibbon.
  • Primate Canyon is an exhibit area which first opened in 1995. It features naturalistic, outdoor exhibits, including species such as the Western lowland gorilla, Sumatran orangutans and siamang gibbons.
  • Commercial Appeal Cat Country is a 3 acres exhibit area which houses African lions, meerkats, Sumatran tigers, red pandas and Bengal tigers.
  • Bonobos live in an indoor/outdoor hybrid exhibit area.
  • Animals of the Night is a beautiful area within Memphis Zoo in which visitors will be able to watch the cycle of nocturnal animals.


3. West Zone

  • Komodo Dragons is an outdoor exhibit area that features Komodo Dragons. This part of Memphis Zoo was specially built for the largest lizard in the world.
  • Tropical Bird House features a variety of colorful birds in an outdoor habitat.
  • The Aquarium houses aquatic life from both fresh and salt water environments.
  • Penguin Rock features numerous species of penguins. Over 30 African Penguins live across the zoo.
  • Once Upon A Farm is home to numerous species of farm animals, including Domestic Chicken, Miniature Cow, Guinea Hog, Pekin Duck and Miniature Donkey.
  • Herpetarium homes animals such as snakes, alligators, lizards, and frogs.
  • Round Barn homes Gerenuks, Warthog, Red River Hog, Nyala, Yellow-backed Duiker, Dik Dik, as well as Klipspringer.


As you can see there are numerous exhibits you can visit within Memphis Zoo. The views are spectacular and the zoo also homes numerous events. Visiting Memphis Zoo can turn out to be a great experience for all visitors.

Cat Country – The Country Of Unusual Cats

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If you expect to see fluffy small kittens that are available for petting in the Cat Country of the Memphis Zoo, you will suffer a severe disappointment. Actually, Cat Country refers to an ultra expensive four acres area dedicated to huge felines like this in the picture. Cat Country is one of the most impressive areas of the Memphis Zoo and one that you simply cannot miss while visiting the zoological park. If you are in Memphis, the zoo is a must see and in the zoo, the area of the felines is a must see. Not the home of regular cute kitties, but the territory of wild animals, Cat Country is the perfect place to admire predators and preys, too. If the entrance ticket of the zoo seems a little bit expensive to you, you can use Memphis Zoo coupons. You can find this type of coupons online and you can use them to pay less for the tickets of the zoo. There are many types of coupons, you just have to find those that are appropriate for you, to download and to print them.

All the zoological garden is amazing, no wonder why this is one of the best attractions of the city. The park was established in 1904, so in its more than 100 years long history, it has developed in a beautiful manner. Thousands of people come annually to see all the splendid animals that live in the zoo. The best thing related to them is that they are very well taken care of and the zoo keepers are very concerned about their well-being and about their health. So you do not have to worry that the animals are poorly treated in this beautiful park.

You just have to relax and enjoy your visit in this wonderful Memphis zoo, which is unique in the area. Do not forget about the Memphis Zoo coupons, because thanks to these, you will save a great amount of money. You will probably spend them while visiting the zoo, because there are so many beautiful souvenirs offered that it is hard to say no when it comes about buying them. The whole Memphis Zoo is absolutely wonderful and the Cat Country is an amazing attraction of it. You should not miss it because it is unique and it will give you the chance to see the most beautiful felines walking freely in a large area.

Things to Know about the Memphis Zoo

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People are always in search of recreational opportunities that will allow them to relax, have a great time and forget about their daily routine. Visiting the zoo is one of the best recreational activities you can profit from, since anyone enjoys admiring animals and learning interesting information about them. If you live in Memphis or the surrounding area, you simply must visit the Memphis Zoo, which is located in Midtown Memphis, Tennessee. The history of the zoo goes back to 1906, when it was founded. Now, the zoo is home to over 3,500 animals representing more than 500 species. In 2008, according to a survey allowing visitors to express their opinions, the Memphis Zoo was ranked as the number one Zoo in the United States, so it is clearly worth visiting.

The zoo is also accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums in the United States. However, with the financial crisis affecting everyone, many people are reluctant in going to the zoo because they do not want to spend on admission. This is why they should resort to Memphis Zoo coupons and enjoy a significant discount when presenting the coupons at the entrance. Now that the money problem is solved, here is what you can see at the zoo. As I mentioned before, the zoo in Memphis is home to a wide array of animals whose natural habitat is excellently mimicked in order for them to feel comfortable and for visitors to get a better insight on their behavior. Therefore, the zoo hosts amazing modern exhibits, such as Cat Country, Aquarium, Herpetarium, Animals of the Night, Once Upon a Farm, Dragon’s Lair, Primate Canyon, Tropical Bird House, African Veldt, Teton Trek, and Northwest Passage.

As checking out all the exhibits requires a walk of about 2 miles (3.2 km), the zoo provides visitors with trams and guided tours in exchange for a small daily fee. The zoo also features a carousel, a miniature train, an area with rides, and various theme-based gift shops and eateries. People will kids will also enjoy knowing that a children’s playground is located near the Cat House Cafe. Several picnic areas are also available, as well as a seasonal ice skating rink. The Memphis Zoo is simply spectacular! Coming here will give you the chance to relax and spend an incredible day in the core of the nature. And do not forget about the Memphis Zoo coupons!

Memphis Zoo Coupons Are A Major Advantage

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Saving money is something that anyone wants, so no matter if you are from Memphis or you are only a tourist, going at the zoo, is always a pleasure and an entertainment way. Almost all people believe that going at the zoo, it is expensive, but they still do not know about Memphis zoo coupons! Memphis Zoo coupons are printable and they are exactly what you need for saving money and spending a great day at the zoo together with your family, kids or friends! Memphis Zoo coupons can be found on the zoo website or on coupons websites that offer you the opportunity to buy them for a small price. With Memphis zoo coupons tourists will offset their costs and with these notable savings, you can do a lot of other things.

Other way of getting Memphis Zoo coupons is to subscribe to the zoo’s newsletter and you will also know when interesting events take place. Visiting the zoo, visitors have the opportunity to experience close views of some unseen animals and other exhibits that will surely impress them. Visiting a zoo is always an interesting experience that will make your day great and you will be glad to admire so many interesting or funny animals! Memphis Zoo coupons provide you a great entertainment day, so do not forget to take these coupons! Even if you will not pay much, the tour will be complete and you will feel great! In case you are a group of more than 20 people, you will also have a huge discount, so do not give up to visiting this zoo as now it is very convenient to come here!

If you will visit the zoo along with your friends or colleagues, you can be sure that you will benefit from great discounts, so saving money is a real possibility. Before arriving at Memphis, make sure you already looked for Memphis Zoo coupons, so you will not waste time anymore when you will be there already. Or, if you think about a trip to Memphis, consider the zoo, too. It will be an unforgettable experience, but see when your zoo coupons expire, so you will know how to plan your trip! Lots of advantages are waiting for you, so do not miss them! Zoos from Memphis are incredible, so would be sad to pass them by! A perfect trip is not complete without a visit to the zoo!